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Ice Cream shoes are a relatively new type of shoe on the market. Created by Pharell Williams from the Neptunes (N.E.R.D) and Nigo, the creator of the Bathing Apes clothing and shoe line. Reebok only markets the real brand. I’m not sure, but at this moment there are only 5000 currently in the market, ranging from prices of around $300 to $500 dollars. The important thing to realize here is that if you do get yourself a pair of these shoes, you are quite unique!

Ice Cream shoes and its clothing lines were marketed (in the US) as a real luxury brand with distribution in the better footwear and clothing stores worldwide. Even today they are pretty hard to get. Hence a lot of people opt for the imitation version of the shoes and not the original.Carmel Knowledge shoe

The Ice Cream skate team (yes, yes!) included Terry Kennedy, Jacob Walder, Cato Williams, Jimmy Gorecki and Kevin Booker, but the brand stopped the team in the later 2000s.


Browsing around the Internet, I found these 2 quotes pertaining to the shoes:

Uh! I’m a nice dude, with some nice dreams
See these ice cubes, see these Ice Creams?

The Ice Cream collection is everything the sneaker enthusiast desires – it is fashionable, aspirational, and most of all it is limited.”

The two quotes breath nothing but exclusivity. And the real insiders will always recognize the logo.

Comparing Yum Shoes And Ice Cream Shoes

Watch this short 2-minute video and decide for yourself which one you like better:

A Creative Alternative

Happy happy joy shoeSomeone who has made some extraordinary looking shoes is Rhonda Voo. What she made is absolutely gorgeous. The nice thing is that you can give her any shoe and tell what Ice cream “flavor” you want.It will probably come at a price…

images by Rhonda Voo
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